A Puzzling Unknown Book

Does anyone have any idea what this book is? My correspondent says it isn't a Jill book. This is what she can remember:

This book is written in the first person: and opens with the girl almost ready to give up riding after a bad lesson. She and her friend are riding along on their bikes discussing the lesson. Once she's home, she finds a letter from her aunt inviting her and her friend to come and look after the aunt's riding school. The two girls go and run a very successful camp for the riding school pupils. The book ends with the girls being invited to come and run the riding school in their school holidays.

The person who asked thought the book was the first in a series.


Sounds vaguely familiar ... it's not a Gillian Baxter?
Jane said…
m&m - I don't know. I'll check. That is the infuriating thing though: the book does sound familiar but I just can't get hold of what it might be!
Susan in Boston said…
Could this be Ten Ponies and Jackie by Judith Berrisford? Not the first in the series, but Jackie and her friend do go to help her aunt run the riding stables.
Jane said…
I'll ask her - people seem to think it's the Jackie series.

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