The Noel and Henry books

I'm doing a bit of a re-read myself, but I'd love to know why you like the Noel and Henry series, if indeed you do. And if you don't, what is it you don't like?


Vanessa said…
I love 'em to bits. But then you knew that didn't you?

I think it's the fact that we see the characters develop and grow. Noel changes from gawky, self-conscious adolescent to a competent, confident young woman and Henry changes from utter prat to a young man who is mature and considerate. The end of Pony Club Camp when he says that the debs he meets are dull and that he often thinks of riding home from hunting with Noel who has hay in her hair (not sure that's entirely correct and don't have a copy to hand to check) is lovely. And there's a bit of romance altohugh JPT tells me that Collins were a bit horrified by that. Sometime I must make her tell me what happens next....
Not a series I've come across?
Gillian said…
I like the series too. I agree that it it's interesting to see the characters grow up over the space of what, five years ? By the time of 'Pony Club Camp' it seems that half of the camp has crushes on one another.

I like that along with all the riding instruction, we get the sometimes irrelevent but entertaining chatter of the characters. For example, in 'Radney Riding Club' there's a discussion on French phrases to use for the visiting instructor. And the bit in 'One Day Event' where Henry describes the twins as having 'hacked off hair', which makes Noel giggle and tell him that the hair style is a fashionable 'urchin' cut.

Porsonally I'd like to know what happened to the characters from Henry's home area that we met in 'Radney Riding Club' and never saw again.
Jane said…
Vanessa - to be incredibly pedantic, it's straw, but yes, I love that bit too, and I do like the fact that JPT doesn't lay the romance on the line. It's not certain whether they kiss at all, and we never do find out if they get together once Henry becomes a Captain.

M&M - you are missing a treat. Some of the best characters outside Jill, with the added benefit of boys too.

Gillian - Yes, I do agree with you about Radney. Christo does get a tiny mention in PC Camp, but that's it. I suppose they were, geographically, too far away, and it would have made things incredibly complicated if the Radney lot suddenly turned up at any competitions the West Barset. were going in for.
Fiona said…
They are my favourites and I re read them when I'm a bit down and stressed.
I think they work well as the characterisation is so good. I love the bit in Pony Club Team where Henry is so ghastly and snobbish to John.
The fact is they are a series and the characters develop as they grow up.
I think The Radney Riding Club is my favourite. It has real sections of humour. The colonel that initially schools them badly could have been the District Commissioner of my own Pony Club.

I agree with other posters that it would have been good to find out what happened to everyone. We get hints in the later novels; John taking over the family farm, Christo doing an instructors course and Henry in the army.
Someone should write a sequel!

JPT's later Pony Club series is also spot on.I haven't read any comments on these. Mrs Rooke must surely have been based on the secretary of my Pony Club, I laugh every time I read one of them.

JPT was involved in the Pony Club and it shows in these two series. Surely some of the characters must have been based on real people.
Anonymous said…
I love the series too. There's an article in which JPT discuss's them, and she said that after failed relationships with other people, Noel and Henry finally got together and married. Thank god!

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