Go Fug Yourself

I do love Go Fug Yourself, oh I do. I'm not immune to the occasional (alright, frequent) fashion disaster myself. It took me years to finally admit to myself that I was never going to go back to my scrawny pre-pregnant self, and that it might be an idea to dress accordingly, but alarmingly I am not alone in being clueless.

I've just spent a morning sitting in one of Wellingborough's coffee bars - goodness, we now have a Costa Coffee - is this good or bad - but anyway; they have large plate glass windows, ideal for studying those walking by. All that fat wobbling away over low waistbands, and those wide, low slung belts worn at the widest part of one's wide, low slung self, the tight T-shirts clinging to every roll ...... and white boots.

The cheering thing about Go Fug Yourself is seeing people who frankly should know better (and have the dosh to employ a stylist) getting it gloriously, and spectacularly wrong. Which I suppose does not say good things about my character: if I were more virtuous I would feel sorry for them. But I don't. I just enjoy it.


Vanessa said…
I adore Go Fug Yourself - it's bitchy but in a caring, constructive way. And as you say, there's something so guilt free about laughing at badly dressed celebrities - they have stylists, they have designers throwing free frocks at them and in many cases they earn enough to buy some decent clothes, so I feel no compunction about giggling at their sartorial disasters. Mind you, as anyone who's sat with me people-watching through the plate glass windows of a coffee shop will confirm, I am also quite happy to take the proverbial out of 'normal' people. It's being such a fashionista myself - truly, I'm hoping to be named Best-Dressed Blogger next year...
Gillian said…
I hadn't seen Go Fug Yourself before, but I've bookmarked it now. When I pick up glossy mags in newagents (I don't buy them, I just look at them), I always love to look at the celebrity fashion disaster pages. It's even more fun when I disagree violently with the editors over the 'best-dressed' and 'worst-dressed'.
Jane said…
Vanessa - I will of course vote for you as Best-Dressed Blogger, but what's wrong with this year?

Gillian - Oh yes!

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