PBOTD: 26th March, Zita White - The One Day Ponies

Zita White was an Australian author who wrote two pony books and two books of equine non fiction. Both her pony books appear to have been published by British, not Australian companies.  Why, I'm not quite sure. The book only had one publication in the UK. It seems that the British preferred their Australian horses wild and galloping over the mountains. Elyne Mitchell's Silver Brumby series is far and away the most popular Australian horse series. Perhaps a life lived on a sheep station was just too remote for those brought up on a diet of green fields and gymkhanas. 

Lutterworth, 1958, first edition, illus Sheila Rose
The One Day Ponies (1958) is a story of contrasts: it's a challenge between town and country; between a life where even to practise is a major struggle, and one where life is considerably easier because you're at a fee paying school with everything on tap. 
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For more on Zita White, she has a page on my website.


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