PBOTD: 16th March, James Aldridge - A Sporting Proposition

Today's pony book is by an Australian author. Originally published as A Sporting Proposition in 1973, James Aldridge's book was taken up by Disney, who turned it into a film called Ride a Wild Pony in 1975. Under this title, the book took on a new life and was published several more times.

Michael Joseph - possibly a reprint
It's the story of a pony who disappears, and two radically different children. The pony, Taff, is given to Scott Pirie, the town's trouble-maker, so he can ride it to school. Boy and pony are inseparable, but then Taff disappears to join the wild ponies. When he turns up again, he's pulling a trap. The trap is owned by Eyre, the man who gave Scott Taff in the first place, and that trap is driven by Jo, Eyre's daughter, who can't walk.

Penguin Peacock edition

The whole thing ends up with a town divided, and a court case.

Penguin Puffin edition

A Sporting Proposition was first published by Michael Joseph in 1973. It was republished by the Puffin as a paperback in 1975. After that, the book appeared under its film title, Ride a Wild Pony. It was published in paperback by Puffin in 1976,
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Here's a link to James Aldridge's page on my website.


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