Ralph Lauren's Big Pony

Why Big Pony? Why? The name certainly wouldn't make me buy the scent, but then I'm not the target market. It's a classic of its type, this ad: no old people allowed. NO ONE OVER 30 obviously EVER watches polo.


Oh my goodness! What a lot of happy, well-coiffed preppies. Wonder when the scratch-n-sniff print ad will come out. Gosh, I want to be just like them. Oops, forgot, I'm two decades past the sell-by date and am supposed to be stowed away in a closet by now.

I'm especially amused by Mr. Leonine Hair striking poses. And those pink and yellow pants! Talk about frightening the horses...
Jane Badger said…
Yes, I liked Mr Leonine Hair too, and I liked the many varieties of hard stare into the distance that were crammed into the ad. It's what you do at polo matches, because even at their young age, it can sometimes be difficult to see what's going on.

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