War Horse

These photos are from the film being made by Stephen Speilberg. I had wondered if he'd stick with using the puppets and use a more graphic style, but it looks like it's real-life all the way.


carol at home said…
The puppets are awe inspiring and if they are using real equines this film is going to be a very emotional ride, we definetly be needing our hankies.
I couldn't get to the photos what with all the commercials etc. that the site threw at me, but I'll go track them down again after. I didn't know they were making "War Horse" into a film--I agree, definitely a box of Kleenex will be in order. I am curious about the "Secretariat" film coming out--I saw a trailer on the Disney channel the other day and am filled with fear. I was about 12 when Secretariat swept the Triple Crown and have vivid memories of that saga--and they do not include one scene that flashed briefly by on the screen: it definitely looked as if the dignified Mrs. Tweedy, the trainer, the jockey and the groom were boogying as they stood around the horse hosing him down. Scary prospect.
Jane Badger said…
Yes, hankies all round I think. What browser do you use Moggypie? I use Google Chrome and didn't get any adverts, or maybe I screened them out when I set up my anti-virus... what unaccustomed forethought! I hadn't heard about the Secretariat film coming out. Will investigate.

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