5th Birthday Competition Results

Many congratulations to the winners, and very well done to everyone who entered. It was a very tough fight up at the top, with just a single point separating 1st from 4th.

A word on how the answers were marked: I marked any name which was incorrectly spelled as wrong. It simply wasn't fair to the vast amount of entrants who did spell names properly to give marks for answers where I had to guess whether an answer was wrong, or right and badly spelled.

Champion Cup and red rosette to - Caroline Shaw (75 1/2 points)
Smaller but still impressive cup and blue rosette to - Susan Bourgeau (75 points)
Splendid green and yellow rosette - Kate Hills (74 1/2 points)
Rather frilly yellow rosette - Bettina Vine (74 points)

Highly commended rosettes for doing jolly well and getting more than 70:
Hannah Fleetwood, Valerie Amis, Sue Howes, Norman and Samantha Ritossa

If you had a go at the quiz, and want to be put out of your misery, the answers are here.


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