The Pullein-Thompsons: it's all their fault

Liz Jones wrote The Exmoor Files, in which she takes on an ex racehorse, and blames the Pullein-Thompsons for it. They invited her to tea, and you can read about it here.


What a marvelous article. Imagine being asked to tea by your favorite authors! I never heard of the PT sisters and their books as a kid (being in the US) so I still have a lot of catching up to do. I love even just reading the stories of the PT girls growing up--such wonderful anecdotes (swapping out the riding gear at the gymkhanas!).
Jane Badger said…
Yes - it's a world away from the girls in National Velvet and their muslins at the local show, which is the picture strongest in my mind at the moment whenever anyone mentions a show!

I have to admit I was lucky enough to meet both PTs, and it was great!
Anonymous said…
Popescu is an unusual surname! Did Christine marry a Romanian?

I had a book by Charlotte Popescu as a kid, but can't remember the name of it.

Diana was my favourite P-T.

Liz (sorry, I'm not logged in on this computer)
Jane Badger said…
Charlotte Popescu wrote a pony care book, I think. I might even still have it lurking somewhere!
Fiona said…
Didn't Charlotte Popescu also edit a Pony Quiz Book?
Jane Badger said…
Yep, you're right. I think I have that too!
Oh, how amazing to meet them. It's a chance to look into a lost world, isn't it? I Wanted a Pony and Three Ponies and Shannan were my favourites. I still love them.
Vintage Reading said…
I'm not usually that keen on Liz Jones articles but I have to say that she has found her forte with this. It was very good and I was intrigued by the lives of the sisters and the books, too.
Unknown said…
I'm not a Liz Jones fan but liked the article. Except for the fact that it's Ruby FERGUSON and not Ruby FLEMING who wrote the Jill series!
Jane Badger said…
I am intrigued now never having read anything by Liz Jones. What's she like? (Says she, too lazy to go and look.....)

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