War Horse now booking

here. I am so excited. I have booked tickets, though have no idea if any of my nearest and dearest will want to come with me. I do not care. I am going no matter what.


Juliet said…
Thanks sooooo much for the heads-up on this! I just booked some myself but it was a race against time as they were disappearing before my very eyes, so if I hadn't done it the instant I noticed your post, I doubt I'd have got any at all. Thank you thank you and look forward to comparing notes idc. Ours are end of Nov, so a pre-xmas treat for the older two.
Jane Badger said…
Glad you managed to get some tickets - you'll see it well before us, as I've gone for the week after Christmas!
Anonymous said…
Ooooh! Rats. I don't know when I'll next be back in the UK. But I should just book and make sure I am, right?
Jane Badger said…
Susannah - yes! View it as something to mould your life around.

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