Tax return? David Byrne? Tax return? David Byrne?

I love this. It makes me smile every time.


Nan said…
Oh, how I love the song and the video! Thank you. My husband and I often blurt out one of the lines in the song. :<) DB is really a genius, I think.
Gillian said…
I don't think I've actually watched the video for that since it was first released. It all seemed very strange and original.
Jane Badger said…
Thanks Nan! I do agree. For me, DB is a bit of a solitary passion. Even my teenage son is not that keen, and we share most musical tastes!

Gillian - I can't remember when I first saw the video. Not for quite a while until after I got to know the song. I always preferrred it to Sledgehammer, anyway, which is my OH's favourite.

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