Urghhh. Arghhh.

Am not at my bright mental best today, husband and self having set the alarm for 1.00 am to watch the cross country. All of it, in its entirety. Despite now feeling like the little ghoul at the end of Buffy who staggers across the screen going "urgghh, arghhh," it was worth it.

Mary King nearly finished me off entirely when she had an interesting take off at the Pagoda fences, but goodness, did she do well. So impressive, as were the Germans (lovely Marius) and am only sorry that Lucinda Fredericks on Headley Britannia didn't do better. It's on BBC here.

Intend to sever all human contact when the showjumping is on (which is, I can guarantee, when my family will think to themselves. "Ooh. Horses on tv. That reminds me. Haven't spoken to Jane in ages. Must ring! Now!", and also when my children will develop crises of mind-boggling intensity which must be dealt with NOW - where are their trainers, most like.) Shall retreat behind my own Chinese wall of answerphone and uncharacteristic, unmaternal snarling.


Anonymous said…
I'm deeply impressed. I am making do with the highlights on the Red Button, which are on in a minute! I'm going to try to stay up for the women's marathon on Sunday though... sorry horses! (I did make my other half sit through lots of dressage, though, so I think my horsey credentials are still intact)
Anonymous said…
I was a total wimp and taped it ... I had a busy day and felt quite smug about the fact I'd taped it and settled down this evening with a vast mug of tea only to discover my dear husband had deleted it "oh, he goes, I thought you'd set it to tape by mistake, I didnt realise it was cross country...." I'm gutted at having to watch highlights only! Ali
Jane Badger said…
lyzzybee - I must admit I won't be sitting up for the marathon.... good luck, and I hope you stay awake (I drifted off at times, I admit).

Ali - oh.... I feel your pain, I do. Words just about fail me. I think I would have cried.

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