EMW's Big Day

It's the Equine Market Watch Open Day on August 9th: you can only buy online tickets and raffle ticket until Wednesday 6th (after which you can buy tickets on the gate on the day but it is £5 more). Click here for details. You can also buy raffle tickets via the site, for £1 a time. Prizes include:

  • a lesson with Emma Bailey
  • Trailer Service
  • Voucher for Sports Horse Massage
  • Voucher for Natural Horse Supplies
  • books (The Team and Fly-by-Night)
  • framed photograph from Browning Russell photographer
  • rug hanger
  • saddle trolley
  • pair of hand made jump wings
  • Farmkey vouchers
  • haynet filler stand
  • Seatbone saver from Heather Moffet
  • Pair or Harbourne stirrups
  • voucher for back treatment from Back in Touch
  • voucher for portrait from Portrait World

My fingers are crossed for decent weather. It looks like a fantastic day though, whatever the weather. The picture below shows Tanna, an EMW resident who is an amazing 42 years old (nearly 43). All credit to EMW for keeping such an old guy in such wonderful condition.


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