Urg. Arghhhh.

Tomorrow morning I have to have a CT scan, which I am not looking forward to even remotely as I am claustrophobic. My daughter has just come back from a week away with the school which included caving, including the notorious Letter Box - a narrow bit you have to wriggle through. Both my children flung (in as far as you can) themselves through this in their respective trips with joy; in fact I think they were both first in the queue. Now I also did this when I was at school, but it took them 45 minutes to get me through (and I still think very, very gratefully of my friends Anne and Deanne, one of whom coaxed at the head end while the other persuaded from the foot end.)

So the idea of having my head encased in whatever it is is making me a tad edgy. I am taking with me a white Britains farm horse called White Star, whom I have had since I was too young to remember getting presents. She is alas a bit brittle now, and only has 3 legs since she fell off the sink. I am hoping that if I clutch her in my paw, it will help, and I am also hoping I can remember the NCT breathing I last did over 12 years ago as well as manage just plain prayer. And I am also hoping I am not sick. Please God, let me not be sick.

So if I am a bit quiet for a couple of days it will be because I am still getting over the experience. I do hope, thinking about it, that I do not break more legs off White Star.


smallbutmighty said…
Good wishes for tomorrow Jane. Hope you and White Star can grin and bear it OK. Just think of it as a huge indoor school for little White Star - perhaps he's rehearsing for a part in the Personality Parade at Horse of the Year Show (being a veteran farm horse an' all).

Look forward to seeing you back blogging before long.
Vanessa said…
You'll be fine 'dear! Just keep calm and carry on! And ring me if you panic in the waiting room.
Unknown said…
I had a CAT scan about 5 years ago, and have had several MRI's since. Fortunately I'm not claustrophobic, and I find them more tdious than anything else.

They play music over the headphones you wear, and if you ask nicely, may use a cd of your own. I close my eyes inside the machine and daydream. Just make sure you're quite comfortable before they load you into the machine.

You'll be fine.
Jane Badger said…
Thanks sbm. White Star had a bit of a restricted existence in my pocket, though I think would have preferred to have been on the floor, of which there was a lot. It was a surprisingly large room.

Vanessa - well I don't think I kept calm but I carried on! xxxx

Gillian - I don't honestly know how I'd cope with a MRI and am devoutly hoping I do not have to have one, but if I do I will remember your tip about the music. I think may be Saint Saen's organ concerto, as that is the loudest bangiest thing I can think of, and might drown out the fear!

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