It was the horse whodunnit

At least, that's what my family always thinks. I had to go and see the ENT consultant today about the disaster area which is my nose. I'd always thought I had sinus problems, but apparently I have a septum which is bent, almost certainly caused by an old injury, and it's now disrupting my airflow, apparently.

I rang my OH to tell him what the diagnosis was, and his response was "Well, that was caused by that horse who catjumped and hit you in the face."

Then I rang my Mama, and she said: "It was that horse that reared and came over backwards with you."

No - no. The catjumper cracked my jaw, but got nowhere near my nose, and the rearer left me shocked but blessedly unhurt, unlike poor Sonia in The Impossible Horse. It was Adeline Burnett, when we were at Junior School. We were playing house rounders, I was bowling; she was batting. She was a phenomenal hitter, and mis-hit the ball straight at my face. It was a complete accident - she was even more distraught than I was.

So - has your equine career left you unscathed? Or are you a tapestry of horse-inflicted scars? And if any of my family are reading this: look away now. I'm only kidding. Horses don't hurt.


Unknown said…
That kind of rounders accident happened at my school. I can't remember who was batting, but it was Marion who was pitching, and she got her nose broken. Which confirmed my long-held theory that pitching was a dangerous job and to be avoided at all costs. Actually, I never cared much for rounders, full stop.

Luckily I always bounced when I fell off ponies. Not that I did that much riding really, but I don't think I ever had worse than the odd bruise, and sometimes not even that. I've had my toe stepped on a couple of times by ponies, but no injury from that either. I did suffer loss of dignity on occasion, but nothing physical.
winnie said…
I used to bounce but these days I seem to thud. Only the other day I had a crashing fall and have done something nasty to my ribcage. Have also injured both little fingers over the last year, in separate incidents, and one wrist. Just call me Mrs Ibuprofen ha ha!
Jane Badger said…
Gillian - I didn't mind rounders particularly. It was hockey I really really disliked. I was a good sprinter but had no stamina whatsoever and had a genius for being in the wrong place at the wrong time for hockey.

Winnie - yes, like you and Gillian I used to bounce. The last time I fell off was into a ploughed field and that was a sort of nice squish. Hope your ribcage gets better soon. And what is it about fingers? Another of my equine injuries was a broken knuckle. Am most impressed, though, that you've managed all that in one year.
I have been walked over, I have had two beautiful horseshoe shaped bruises lfet above my kneecaps, I have been winded and vomited and my amber ring was broken when I unexpectedly met the arena fence. I also have a nice wee hole on my lower arm.

My sister's had broken fingers and toes and has a lovely scar where a youngster threw her into a wire fence. She couldn't walk properly for two days.
Jane Badger said…
m&m - a nice wee hole on your lower arm??? Is it tooth-shaped?

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