Ta Da!

I've wanted for a while to provide somewhere where people could contribute new pony stories. As we all know, most publishers aren't interested in the traditional pony story, so I thought it would be good to give people who write them (and I do know there are some of you out there!) a place where you can put your stories, and which will introduce them to a wider audience.

I have (looks bashful) put a short story of my own on to start things off.

There's also a section on the forum where you can start discussions on pony and other books. I've been quite aware while I've been blogging that it's very much what I want to talk about - here is the chance for you to start things off. In an unashamed attempt to get you to look at the Forum, I've put some information on about Patricia Leitch, with whom I've recently been in touch.

And where is this new marvel? It's here: Jane Badger Books Forum.

Do let me know what you think.

Best wishes


mokey said…
Well we're all busy posting on the new forum, because it is such a great idea! Thanks Jane!!

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