Go Cat Go

Our cat (small, black, mostly Oriental) and dog (blonde labrador) exist in a sort of uneasy truce. They don't like each other, and the dog thinks cats are things to chase. Cat soon learned that she could stand her ground and the dog wouldn't come near, at which point dog, who is quite bright for a labrador, developed a new trick. She would walk up to the cat, all quiet, and then suddenly erupt in the cat's face with a fusillade of ferocious barks. Cat would of course flee, and dog would bound after her. (There is a very shame-making photo of her doing this, when she looks like a slavering hound of the Baskervilles, but I won't share it with you!)

Cat has at last learned that this too, means nothing, and now stands her ground. So, peace of a sort reigns indoors. However outside, it was different, until yesterday.

I took dog out into the yard as I was going to be picking apples and didn't want her particular brand of "help". Dog was very happy to see OH and the Teenager, who were stacking wood, but then noticed the cat. She hurled herself after the cat; the cat took three bounds, and then skidded to a halt, obviously thinking "B****r this,", whirled round and yowled, spat and clawed at the dog, who put the brakes on fast. You could see her thinking "this isn't right: this isn't how it's supposed to be...." Cat spat again and dog returned, whimpering, to the safety of the woodpile. Sometimes, for a labrador, life isn't fair.


Unknown said…
While my flat was being given a najor overhaul, my cats stayed with friends who shared a back yard with neighbours.

One hot day, when the back door was standing open. the neighbours' young Staffordshire Bull Terrier came into my friends' home. It spotted Diesel, who fled, and promptly chased her. They passed Skiffle, who was sitting on a chair, and halted at the end of the room. Skiffle came up behind the dog, growling. When it turned to face her, she slapped it across the muzzle about three times in the space of second, leaving a claw sheath embedded in its nose. The dog jumped over her to get away, and fled.

Game, set and match to the tubby cat, I believe.
Jane Badger said…
"a claw sheath embedded in its nose....." ouch. I wonder if the Staffy ever looked at cats in quite the same way again.
tim relf said…
I know what you mean about "help"! My cats often try to "help" me type, to cook and they even had a go at helping me when I was washing the floor the other day!
They're quite young so they haven't yet met a dog. I dread it happening!
Jane Badger said…
Tim - you're lucky (or not...) My cat doesn't help. The dog, being a lab, LOVES to help!

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