Tuesday giveaway

Another giveaway - completely different to Friday's. This one is a rather charming unicorn story. I am not normally a fan of the unicorn; not in his 21st century guise, anyway. This one does have a noble unicorn, but he is quite a worried beast too. No one can see him, save for one elderly man, and the unicorn does want to be seen. This is a charmingly told story, and it has beautiful illustrations, and a satisfyingly ambiguous ending.

If you'd like to be entered for the draw to win it, just add your name to the comments below.


Oops, maybe not fair of me to put my name in here as well as on FB but I guess you can right that quite easily :) This looks charming!
Skiffle.cat said…
Didn't see this last night, so I'll put my name down now, as there isn't a closing time, and hope for the best.
madwippitt said…
Goodness, this takes me back to childhood books!
Jane Badger said…
Off to do the draw now.
Jane Badger said…
And the winner is Emma Dorsett Wheeley!
Christine said…
I need to read your blog more often! What a delightful looking book to add to a horsey collection :)

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