Review: Sue Millard - One Fell Swoop

Sue Millard:  One Fell Swoop
Jackdaw, paperback, £5.00
Jackdaw, ebook (Kindle) £3.00

Thank you to the author for sending me a copy of this book

If you have ever had anything to do with native ponies, then buy this book. It is a joy from start to finish. The Fell Pony is not found as often as he should be in horsey literature, but this book of cartoons puts that right. It is devoted to the Fell Pony, pure and simple; its history, its character, its little ways.

I read this book with a smile on my face throughout. The cartoons are wonderful and I am struggling to pick out my favourites. The ponies with their tonsures (because Fells were owned by monasteries in the middle ages) are  marvellous,

and I love the pony peering over the boulder at the keen observer of wild ponies, as well as the Fell summing up its inept rider effortlessly, and acting as an impromptu pirate ship.....

The author’s knowledge, and affection for, the Fell Pony, shine through. This book is a gem. I love it.


Sue Millard said…
Thank you, Jane! Both versions are available via Amazon / Kindle. The paperback version can be obtained via bookshops - it should filter through the Nielsen database to Waterstones etc well before Christmas. Anyone in a hurry can get it from
Goldielover said…
I hope Blackjack gets one of these for Christmas if she doesn't already have one. I bet she'd be seeing Jack in almost every cartoon.
Thanks, Jane. It'll definitely be on my Christmas list. Perhaps Sue should do a similar one for Exmoors!

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