New books October-December 2012

The months leading up to Christmas don't tend to be bumper ones for new publications. After October, energies are concentrated on selling what's already out. Here's a round up of interesting new books due out. If you know of anything else, please let me know.

Children’s Literature
Angela Dorsey: Autumn in Snake Canyon, Winter of Sinking Waters, Spring of Secrets
Episodes 4, 5 and 6 of Angela Dorsey’s excellent Whinnies in the Wind series are out this month. Set in the Canadian North, where life is hard, Evy lives with her mother. Will the on-going mystery of why they’re actually living there emerge? I am longing to find out, I must admit.
The ebooks are available now: Kobo, £2.21. Kindle, £2.01, Nook $2.99

Linda Snow McLoon: Crown Prince, Crown Prince Challenged 
Out on 15 October are the first two in the Brookmeade Young Riders series.  Heroine Sarah has always dreamed of a horse of her own, but life gets complicated when she gets given a rogue race horse, Crown Prince. Published by Trafalgar Square Publishing, it’s £6.62. Nook, $9.65.

Catherine Hapka: Off Course
Another in the Circuit series, out on 13th November. In hardcover it’s £10.86, and in paperback £6.99
Nook, $9.49.

Jacqueline Arena: Girlz Rock 22: Pony Club
Macmillan’s Girlz Rock series does ponies: out on 31 October, the girls experience the Pony Club. And how: Ellie and Rachel make friends with a black stallion called Sir Bob, and set off in search of romance, adventure and a milkshake blender. £6.95

Jean Slaughter Doty: The Valley of the Ponies, If Wishes were Horses, Can I Get There by Candlelight?, Gabriel
Simon and Shuster is re-issuing several of Jean Slaughter Doty’s books. Excellent reads all, I can
highly recommend. Out on 8 October, they’re £4.37.  Alas, I can't find any cover shots, which makes me wonder if perhaps the books are behind schedule.

Young readers
Russell Hoban: Rosie’s Magic Horse
Illustrated by Quentin Blake, and published on 4th October by Walker, £12.99. In which an ice-lolly
stick is transformed into a horse. And that’s just the beginning.

Eric Hendershot:  A Horse for ChristmasOut on 9 October, this is published by Sweetwater Books. Stoney, Tyler and Sam want to capture
a wild stallion from the desert in time for Christmas. £5.62 in paperback.
Adult reads
Diana Secker Tesdell: Horse StoriesThis is an Everyman’s Library hardback (with a silk ribbon marker! Woo!): an anthology which covers two centuries of equine fiction. The authors include the obvious: Rudyard Kipling; John Steinbeck (that cheery Christmas read, The Red Pony); and the rather less expected: Annie E Proulx and Margaret Atwood, amongst many others. Out on 16 Oct 2012, hardcover, £9.59

Non Fiction
Louis A. DiMarco: War Horse: A History of the Military Horse and RiderA timely re-issue, this is out on 18 Oct 2012 in paperback, £16.99. Already available on Kindle, £15.95.
Describing the horse as “a weapons system that has been central to warfare longer than any other,” this study ranges from the Greek, Persian, and Roman cavalry to the partisans who used horses during the Second World War. It looks at how weapons evolved specifically to counter the horse, and the systems that produced and trained horses for war.

Matthew Benns:  Fixed: Cheating, Doping, Rape and Murder  - the Inside Track on Australia’s Racing Industry
If you’re after racing skulduggery, here is the real thing. This book “goes past the glorious image of Black Caviar winning off twenty-two starts to reveal what really goes on in the murky corridors of Australian racing.” Out on 1 November, £20.99. Kindle, £19.40, released on 24 October.

Frankie Dettori: Tall Tales from the Weighing RoomRather lighter fare comes from Frankie Dettori, After twenty years in the world of racing, Frankie has seen it all. Here he is joined by the great and good of the racing world in stories from the weighing room (and beyond). Out on 11 October. Hardcover  £18.99  Kindle £9.99

Kauto Star; Frankel, Eclipse
If you’d rather read about horses than humans, publishers are issuing plenty of equine biographies
in time for Christmas:
Kauto Star: A Steeplechasing Legend (Andrew Pennington), 19 October, £20.00
Frankel, the Wonder Horse (Andrew Pennington, who has obviously been busy) 16 November, £20.00
Eclipse: Nicholas Clee, reissued on 24 December, £10.59. Nook, $14.99


madwippitt said…
aaaagh - In a state of total tunnel vision racing to get an ebook ready for Halloween I seem to have got a bit behind here - is the Pony book bargain bin offer still on, and is it only on Facebook?
Jane Badger said…
It's still on, but is going to be added to drastically. It is only on Facebook at the moment. You're welcome to reserve stuff though - and you should be able just to look at the Facebook stuff without joining Facebook.
madwippitt said…
Drat. Can't seem to work it out although probably me being thick! I thought I'd seen some KM Peytons but maybe they've been sold. Or possibly I hallucinated them.
Christine said…
Great to read about books coming out - thanks for the insight!

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