Morning walks, 10th and 11th September 2012

10th September

11th September

Dogs are wondering why I am faffing about sweeping the front steps instead of letting them in. I never sweep the front steps. I just swear at the gravel that jams itself under the gate and carry on. I am sweeping the steps because the house is on the market, and I have read all that stuff about first impressions.


Mary said…
Oh, Jane, I hope you aren't moving too far afield! I love your photos of your area. Are you still going to be close to nature, so the dogs can still have wonderful walks and you can still take wonderful photos?
Jane Badger said…
I hope we're not going to be too far away, but we don't know yet. The fields and the walks are one of the things I'll miss most. Wherever we end, up there will still be dogs to be walked! There's lots of interest in the house, but no actual offers yet, so who knows? We may be here a while...

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