I'm doing an offer at the moment - five pony paperbacks, including postage, for:

UK - £6.00
Europe - £11.00
USA/Canada - £12.50
Australia - £13.00

For ease, all the photos are on my Facebook Page.You can look at it without being a member, and the easiest way to order is to contact me there. If you email me separately, or via here, I will do my best to co-ordinate with what's going on on the Facebook page, but can't guarantee it.

Here's some of what's on offer:


Christine said…
So many horse books - one of my favourite things! Eventually I'll get back into purchasing more for my collection - posts like this make me want them more!!
Jane Badger said…
It's a slippery slope Christine!
Oli said…
I love your blog and the information on your site. Perfect for relaxing into
peaceful waves of pony nostalgia when the real world is too obviously
not as good as that inhabited by pony books.Is it still possible to
A midsummers night death
The Island stallion
The black stallion returns
Jockey school
Queen rider

on a five for £6? Sorry not to contact you via your facebook page; my internet is pretty rubbish, and facebooks not working ATM
Jane Badger said…
Yes it is - I've saved them all for you. If you'd like to email me via my website (janebadgerbooks dot co dot uk) with your email address, I can send you a Paypal invoice. Many thanks! Jane

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