New books out March-April

There's a decent amount of books out in the next few weeks, but first, some books I missed:

Anne C Hambleton: Raja, Story of a Racehorse
The author is an ex steeplechase jockey who now events, so the detail in this should be authentic!
It’s about what happens to a 
racehorse after his track career: not something traditionally dealt with
in horse stories, which tend to finish with the glory of the finishing line. The book is $12.00 - not as far
as I can see available in the UK, but it will be soon.

Alex Brown: Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro & His Legacy
Actually out last year, this is the story of a horse who won the Kentucky Derby by the largest margin
for sixty years; was destined for glory it was thought, but broke down in the Preakness, and eventually
fell victim to laminitis. Glen View Media, £19.15, Kindle, £5.83.

Kirsten Radtke & Bernd Radtke: The World of the Tahawy Bedouin and
Their Pure-bred Arabian Horses
Out on 31 March, published by Medina at £35.00 is a history of the Tahawy Bedouin and their horses.
Records of the horses were mostly oral, but after much research this book includes over 30 pedigrees,
as well as rare and hitherto unpublished photographs.

Judy Steel: Horse Tales & Saddle Songs
On 17 March a revised edition of this anthology of horse poetry was issued.

Robert Hudson and Marie Philips:  War Horses of LettersThis is the book version of a series which originally appeared on Radio 4.  Napoleon’s horse, Marengo,
and Wellington’s, Copenhagen, write to each other. This series aired late at night; if you’re easily
offended, don’t buy it. It is distinctly irreverent, but it is very funny. 
Two horses divided by war, but
united by love. Out on 15 March, £8.99.

Susan Kiernan-Lewis
Out on 26 March on Susan’s own imprint, San Marco Press, is her post-Apocalyptic story about an
American family marooned in Ireland after a nuclear incident, which has immobilised all cars. Horses
are now essential. 
The book is $6.99 for a week and then there will be a a free promotion starting April 2-5.
There will be a giveaway of the print on demand edition through Goodreads until April 8.

Diane Lee Wilson: Tracks
The always reliable Diane Lee Wilson has another historical story coming out. Set after the American Civil
War, it’s about two boys from completely different backgrounds working on the transcontinental railroad. And
their animals. Published in hardcover on 3 April, £10.85., and as an ebook: nookbook, $8.99.

Sheena Wilkinson:  GroundedAfter her excellent debut horse novel, set in Belfast, Sheena Wilkinson has followed it up with Grounded.It takes Declan’s story on, and sees him torn between home and ambition. Out on 1st April, it’s £8.99 in

Lisa Williams Kline:  Wild Horse Spring
Out on 23rd April for £6.99 is this book from the 
Sisters in All Seasons series.

Janet Whyte:  Rescue Rider
Part of the Lorimer Sports series, this is out in hardback at £10.85, and in paperback at £3.02. It’s
saving the world, one horse at a time. Nook Book, $7.33. Kobo, £5.39.

Maia Wojciechow: A Kingdom In A HorseOut on 5 April 2012 is a re-issue  by Sky Pony Press of this story of a boy trying to come to terms
with his father’s decisions, and his own actions. Pb £5.99, Nook Book, $6.59, Kindle £4.10

Troon Harrison:  The Horse Road
Published by Bloomsbury on 12 April is this historical story, set in Central Asia, 102 BC. Kallisto has been
taught her equestrian skills by her nomad mother, which she needs when the Chinese Army invades, on a
mission to steal horses. About, I think, the Akhal-Teke, so far a neglected breed in equine literature!
PB £5.99. Kobo, £4.91, Nook Book, $10.36.

Maggie Dana:  Racing Into Trouble
The second book in the re-issued and updated Timber Ridge series is out in paperback this month.  Angela
Dean, a thorn in Kate’s side in the first book, is continuing her winning ways. The book’s already out on
Kindle for £1.84, and as a Nook Book for $2.99. Read my 
review of the first book here.

Sorry this isn't illustrated: Blogger is being a complete pain and will not upload photos at the moment.


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