Morning walk

I'm sorry for the almost total failure on the morning walks front. We were looking after my sister in law's dog for six months, and as she's not totally reliable at recall, had to be on the lead during walks, and I wimpishly didn't take the camera as well as two dogs, leads, pooh bags etc. Anyway, small dog has now returned to her Cornish fastness, and the labrador and I have reverted to our usual routine.

It's unseasonably warm here in the UK: June weather, with the trees still bare. I'm walking at just gone dawn, and the half light makes even the industrial sheds on the skyline look romantic. It'll be interesting to see, now that our planning laws have a presumption towards saying yes to development provided it's sustainable (and I can foresee much dancing on the head of a pin concerning the definition of that one) how many more sheds and housing estates we acquire.  It's almost certain the view below won't be around for long. Developers have an option on the field on the left, and have plans for around 130 houses. People do have to live somewhere, and this is probably the least awful plan, but I shall miss this walk. I hope the larks survive the housing development.


How pretty! I'm so sorry about the field and looming development...that goes on around here, too, but often it's to build McMansions (in a recent incident, a beautiful home built just 10 years ago on a city plot was torn down by the new owners to build a new McMansion; such waste). Housing is necessary but so are fields! Love the church photo, and envy you the weather...rain coming down in sheets here.
Jane Badger said…
We don't tend to get McMansions round here - not exactly a wealthy area, but then we do have fields. I actually envy you your rain. Had very little here for months, and as from tomorrow, we're on drought order here.

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