Black Beauty in stitches

Penguin have commissioned artist Jillian Tamaki to produce three covers for its Penguin Threads edition, Black Beauty, Emma and The Secret Garden:  whether we are going to get these in the UK I do not know.  So far enquiries to Penguin have only produced a rather discouraging "out of office" email.

I think these covers are stunning:  I'm assuming that only cover illustrations are involved rather than a complete new edition, but still well worth getting, I think.  It's the most exciting new cover for some while.


Rosemary Hall said…
Yes the illustrations are stunning! The latest issue of "Embroidery" magazine had, I believe, a feature on an artist -possibly this one?- way she prepares to illustrate covers for books-though I was under the impression that the books she was planning to ilustrate were published by Vintage... said…
The Black Beauty one is my favourite of those. They'd definitely be a worthwhile addition to a collection.
Anonymous said…
Those are lovely. Don't you think the artist has made Emma look like Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet?
Jane Badger said…
Yes I do see what you mean cmm. I think all the covers are lovely, and I wonder if Penguin are planning to release more titles in the same series, but by different artists?
Fiona said…
I really like them, they are so inventive. Love the way there is a horses tail on Black Beauty!

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