She's back!

Catnip Publishing have re-published the first two Jinnies, and here (with many thanks to Catnip for sending me the photos) they are:

The chestnut Arab is rather gorgeous. It's been a bumper year so far this far for the reissued pony book, with Jill's Gymkhana, Follyfoot and now Jinny. Ironically, despite being far more like Jinny (a bit of a loner, always drawing, and with a head often elsewhere) it was Jill I preferred as a child. Jill always seemed so very sorted out, and nothing phased her. It did me. It did Jinny too. I've come round to Jinny far more as I've grown older; perhaps because I now appreciate Jinny for what she is.

All power to Catnip, who are the wild child's latest publishers. The Summer Riders will be out in October this year.


Alison said…
How funny - I loved Jill when younger and couldn't get on with Jinny - total reversal now too!! Well done on your anniversary too - loved your last blog post and cannot believe how the years have flown by ! Ali
Shelley said…
I'm a writer, but I've done volunteer work with teens, and this post reminds me of one girl I had who had been put in foster care and who had probably never seen a real horse, yet reading about horses was one of her favorite things to do.
Juxtabook said…
I also prefered Jill but I still liked Jinny. I think have my copies somewhere - must dig them out for a re-read. I really enjoyed my Jill re-read last year.
mairi mackechnie said…
i can't tell you how excited i am to read this - jinny and shantih were my absolute favourites! i mean, i liked jill and jackie and every other pony-book i could ever get my hands on, but jinny spoke to me a way those other girls just didn't. i still have all my original books (they took me years to collect) and i'd be loath to part with them.

i'm so thrilled that a new, younger generation of pony fans are going to get to meet jinny - i'm sure they'll love her to. =)
Jaynedge said…
Was never a Jill fan, it was Jinny all the way. I still have all 13 books and am past the 40ish mark!! There was something about these books that made me into the arab mad person I am today. I vowed as a child that I would get one one I have 2!! Fabulous books and I'm loving the new cover. Just so happens I know the horse on the cover too! Jayne
Rachael said…
Oh, I was a Jinny lover. I liked Jill, and I think she and Augusta from I Wanted a Pony influenced me, giving me a love of English country life. But I adored Jinny, and still do. The books are magical.
Jane Badger said…
Jaynedge - if you could let me know who the horse is that would be brilliant!

Rachael, I think the books are now officially out, and have been added to the Catnip website.

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