The majesty that is the Fancy Dress Class

Yet more delights from Ponies of Britain magazines ....

Firstly, you have the exhibit where the humans are definitely bearing more of the load (often literally):

Could Humpty actually see? What would have happened if the soldier had dropped the lead rope and the Shetland wall had been left to his own devices? The Guatamalan family below had obviously considered the danger of being unsighted. They only came second in their group, though, losing to the Loch Ness monster below.

This is another one which must have been a challenge while you were in the class. The pony's input here was really pretty minimal, though it looks as if he has a definite opinion on what the humans are doing.

A saintly pony: putting up with those glasses, but that was as nothing compared with

this amazing creation. The Ponies of Britain Magazine calls it "a little masterpiece of production", and it is. What a saintly pony that is, with not only two pairs of trousers, but a trunk as well. I wonder if he caused the same ructions in the competitors that the mammoth of earlier years did.


Val said…
A beauty of a post...most enjoyable...those ponies were quiet!
Jane Badger said…
Yes, weren't they? You must have had to have such dedication to enter those classes: besides the hours and hours making the costumes, persuading the ponies to play along must have taken ages too.

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