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I've done a bit more digging since my last post, and Farmlane Books are absolutely right: this policy has already been running in America for a couple of years.

There's been no movement from Amazon, unsurprisingly. I assume they have had their lawyers make as certain as they could that what they were proposing was legal under EU legislation: the same change will also apply to Amazon in France and in Germany.

I suppose in a way I am lucky because I can manage to extract myself from Amazon and only (only!) lose 20% of my income. There are many, many booksellers who cannot possibly afford to leave Amazon and so will have to comply with this policy. Anyway, I need to take up the slack somehow, so am going back to listing books on Ebay. I stopped doing this in August last year after Ebay imposed a free postage policy on sellers in many categories, which included books. They have now decided this wasn't wise, so I shall trot back into the arms of Ebay. Watch this space.


Sorry to hear that this policy change is having such a bad effect on your income.

I'm lucky in that I don't have the same stock on different sales platforms at the same time.

I hope that ebay proves profitable for you.
Best wishes
David said…
Just saw this on Twitter. For what it's worth, I think Amazon will only be pursuing sellers with warehouse- size inventories who use repricing software like Monsoon or AmanPro and who can configure a complicated pricing strategy at the drop of a hat.

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