Catch up

I've been a bit absent lately, having gone down with another episode of my inner ear disorder, which means I am literally prostrate as I can't get up without falling down again. All this happened just as I was doing an interview on the Silver Bridle series with Caroline Akrill, getting my next catalogue ready, and dealing with a fox attack on the hens.

We are, alas, four hens down. One died of shock in the night, and the other three are missing presumed eaten. I had hoped, as I had found no bantam feathers, that the bantams had survived, but unless they've found another home somewhere, I fear the worst. Three hens were completely unscathed, one had a few feathers missing, and poor Scrabbles was in a state, and needed nursing. Fortunately she is now on the mend, and has re-joined the rest. I am on the mend too, and the Caroline interview should be finished next week, barring anything else happening which I don't expect.

The new catalogue is now online, and you can find it here.

In the meantime, here are some wild flower pics.

Wild rose:
White campion:



Ox-eye daisy:


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