Thursday, 29 November 2007

A quick thought

This is following on from the previous post. Coping with a hardback whilst reading in bed some of us find tricky, but the problem I have is reading at the table. Hardbacks I can cope with by propping them up on other books to get the slant, and the book then generally stays open of its own accord.

Paperbacks though are a totally different matter. You can't get the dratted things to stay open - or at least I can't, unless I deliberately break the spine, which I can't bear to do. Usually I resort to a peculiar arrangement of jam pots on their sides, propped over the bottom edge of the pages. This is fine until I want to turn the page (and I am a very fast reader) as then the whole thing has to be dismantled.

Does anyone have any better suggestions?


Vanessa said...

I break the spines.... Oooh, I can hear the sharp intake of breath from up here!

Jane said...

Sharp intake of breath! It was a shriek, my dear, a shriek!

Vanessa said...

And I turn down page corners... sometimes I even leave books open and face down. A rebel that's me!

Jane said...

Alright. I'll come clean. I admit I do sometimes leave paperbacks open and face down.

GeraniumCat said...

I bought two things called Gimbles - you can check them out here:

They work okay, though I only use them when my hands are really sore; I get a bit impatient with them because I read fast and I'm always having to stop to turn the page, but they are definitely better than breaking the spine!

I also got something more expensive with clear clips and a prop at the back that will take a hardback - think they sell them in Waterstones - but had to give it to my stepfather so I don't know how useful it is. Had the same stop-start problem. There's also something called a bookchair, which I haven't tried:

Jane said...

geraniumcat- thanks very much for that. I'll post that link to my nearest and dearest and see what surfaces in my Christmas stocking!