In which something arrives in my letterbox

In our old house, post used to thump on to the doormat and the brass letter box would clang shut. It was difficult to miss the racket. The dog, who loved the post lady, would often bark with joy too. In our rental house, we have one of those external postbox things, and the dog tends not to spot the post people, so it wasn't until quite late this morning I spotted this:

Which turned out to be this:

The first copy I have ever held. I took it up with me when I met my daughter for lunch. "No, no, don't BEND it," I said. Really need to stop thinking as a bookdealer and as someone who wants people to read the book......

If you'd like to win a copy, I have one, this one in fact - the first, the very first, which you can win on my Facebook page. You'll need to Like the page, and then add your name to the comments below the picture. I'll do the draw on Thursday.  If you absolutely never do Facebook, not ever, at all, feel free to add your name to the comments on this blog.


madwippitt said…
That first ever copy of your first ever book is the best ... congratulations - and you need to go open a bottle of champagne now to celebrate it! Plain wine really won't do: it needs the Big Gesture!
Jane Badger said…
Thank you! There was champagne.
LittleMe said…
Congratulations. I'd like to buy a copy. I'll send you an email :)

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