Riding equipment

This advertisement, and variations of it, appeared regularly in Riding magazine in the 1940s and 1950s.  I had a quick check through this week's Horse and Hound to see if anything similar appeared, but either the modern man has no such need, or we have gone all coy.


Oh dear. I do hope "EMH" near the bottom of the ad had multiples of this garment, else I would not want to sit near him on a bus.
Krizan said…
I really wonder what it looked like - a jockstrap?
Jackie said…
oh my goodness, how many years on from 1946 was the advert? The mind boggles.
Even if they still existed, would we be so quick to boast of their longevity and exclusivity!
Jane Badger said…
Krizan - so much had to go on in the mind for that ad, and yes, I think it must have been a jockstrap (although there are elements of truss there too).

Jackie - you have set me thinking now. Are litesomes still about? Actually I rather hope not.
madwippitt said…
Was a jockstrap. Made in Keighley in Yorks. Went out of business around '70's - 80's.
Jane Badger said…
Thank you. I will not ask how you know.
madwippitt said…

It intrigued me so I looked on the interweb!
Wonderful thing, the interweb.

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