Moorland Mousie rides again

The Moorland Mousie Trust has re-released Golden Gorse's Moorland Mousie: the quintessential Exmoor pony book, and one of the forerunners of the modern day pony book. The book is, I am delighted to say, is hardback, oh joy.  So, not only can you support the endangered Exmoor pony, you can support the survival of what looks like an endangered book form too.  The book contains all the original Lionel Edwards illustrations, and the Trust have tried to stick to the original in format and style as closely as possible.

Moorland Mousie costs £11.99, plus p&p (which is £3 for a single book in the UK - please contact them for postage on overseas orders or large UK orders).  All profits go to the Moorland Mousie Trust, to conserve and promote the rare-breed Exmoor pony.   Since the charity was founded, it has helped more than 400 ponies, most of them foals, to find new homes.   In Autumn each year the Trust takes on the surplus unbought ponies from the moor, and domesticates and trains them so they can have a secure future. You can read more about their work here

You can order directly from the Trust on 01398 323093 and pay via debit/credit card or by cheque made payable to The Moorland Mousie Trust.  They don't have an online ordering system, but you can email your order here:

Many thanks to the Moorland Mousie Trust for the information.


Jane Hilton said…
So pleased to hear this, thanks Jane.
We had Moorland Mousie when we were little but think it was loved to death.
I will order a reincarnation.
Jane Badger said…
For a horrible moment there I thought you meant the pony itself, but I have caught up now!
I have an early copy of this - I've had it since I was a child & it was second hand then!
Jacky Bradshaw said…
So delighted to hear of the re-release of the Moorland Mousie books. I had these as a child and read and re-read them! I think the sequel was called "Older Mousie". Wish I still had my originals, but will now order the reprints and hope my pony-mad granddaughter will enjoy them as much as I did.
Jane Badger said…
The sequel is indeed Older Mousie. I don't know if the Trust are planning to do that one or not: presumably if sales of Mousie are good, they will.

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