Beware the bored bookdealer

Inspired by this video, I am training my stock.  I can see a musical effort at Olympia beckoning.   Alas the KP Perfect Pony collection will not co-operate because of my refusal to allow each book to wear a hand-built Swarovski bookmark, but the rest are coming along very nicely, very nicely indeed.


Val said…
totally crackers

this short video has no connection with this blog post except it too made me laugh!
Ali Mal said…
Can you write a training manual please :) Perhaps you could hold training workshops, my books need help :)
Anonymous said…
OMG, now I'm imagining my books doing this while I'm asleep!
Jane Badger said…
I think the idea of a training workshop is an excellent one. Maybe there's a business opportunity there: you could have the British Book Society Assistant Instructor; Instructor; Fellow even for the really advanced. I can see it now.
This is wonderful. off to spread it on Facebook. (I think my books do the opposite while I am asleep. They disorganize themselves.)
Jane Badger said…
I think my books do the same. I hav a load of David Severns in at the moment, and one of them is always somewhere the others aren't. I think it might be because I have two copies of that title.

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