Library Day of Action - Read Ins

The British Library is under threat as never before.  Our local village library is under threat of closure, along with seven others in the county.  The council's aim seems to be to concentrate resources in the towns, and assume that most village inhabitants will be able to get to towns if they want to visit libraries.  When this is allied with the prospective complete cut in the council's subsidy for rural buses, one wonders.  

Tomorrow, February 5th is Library Read-in Day.  Voices for the Library has details of events in many libraries.

Irchester Library is holding its own read in from 11.00am until 1.00pm.  If you're in any way local, it would be great to see you there.  Other local libraries supporting the Read-in are Roade and St James.


Our local library (ok it's technically in the next village, but heck it's a gentle 10 min walk) is not as welcoming as yours. Whereas it's surrounded by lovely Victorian/early Edwardian properties, from the outside it's a horrible 1960s building. A couple of years ago they refurbished it, and put some weird looking sculpture outside (which 3 years later I cant fathom what it is supposed to be). But it doesnt disguise the fact it's an horrid building which looks out of place.

Inside, which is the most important, it's dark and oppressive. The new books are just in a ordinary shelf, not like yours, have at least something to draw it to attention! The displays arent welcoming, and I dont frequent it because it's simply horrible. Any books I do have from the main town library I either take back to that, or the handy mobile library that parks less than 100 yards away every other Friday.

On the plus side there is no queue for the internet, however they are very slow, and tbh, I get a faster service from my mobile broadband (which suffers from a poor signal).

If only all villages were like yours Jane. Some people do wonder why village libraries are underused, perhaps if they could display better then that would explain why.

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