A round up

A few blog posts I've enjoyed recently:


Ooh, we have a mutual appreciation society going on. I have linked to you on my most recent blog post which is all about comfort reading!
Jane Badger said…
Ha ha! Thanks. I do love your pictures. They are absolutely beautiful, and a lovely thing to look at in the middle of a hectic day.
Susan in Boston said…
I loved the reluctant pony mom's response....the blog you post to only shows an excerpt, but they link to the whole article:


Well worth reading the whole....it never occured to me to think what a class called "Maiden English Pleasure" might suggest to an "outsider" :-)
Jane Badger said…
We do have a rose called Maiden's Blush, which was given that name rather than its original Cuisse de Nymph, which thereabouts translates as a maiden's inside thigh! Which, now I think about it, is a bit of a random response, but I think what I'm trying to say is that language is always open to interpretation!

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