Frustration is

packing up a parcel of 15 books with great thoroughness and a lot of parcel tape, only to discover one you have missed.


Val said…
I'm wincing for you...ouchmpie
There was a Christmas gift I did not send for years and years (a little ornament for my nephew) simply because every year I boxed up all the gifts only to discover, after all tape was applied, that I'd once again forgotten to tuck it in...It. Is. A. PAIN!
Jane Badger said…
Christina, I have some of those. Still. Even after the nephews for whom they were intended are long since past the stage of wanting little metal orcs. I suppose if I hang on to them long enough, I can give them to them as a reminder of happy childhood times...
Juxtabook said…
I have trouble packing just one book. The times I have left out the receipt or other enclosures and had to start again. On the plus side I have only sent customers the wrong book twice in 10 years. Fingers crossed that continues!

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