Bit of a roundup

A few posts I've enjoyed recently:

Ponybookchronicles on Saki:  who, as she says, doesn't really do horses, though plenty of other animals.

Christina Wilsdon encounters the fantastic side of life out on a walk.

Bagot Books on Cornish maps

I love this picture of bloodhounds at work.


Ooo! Thanks for the lead to the "If Wishes Were Ponies" site--never saw that one before. Will add to iGoogle page. Uh oh, more Internet distraction awaits...

I loved the piece on Saki, too. Inspired me to look for my battered old copy of Saki stories somewhere in the depths of the house. I recall loving the story called (I think) "Tobermory," about the cat that learns to talk...and why you wouldn't want your cat to talk.
Jane Badger said…
I love Tobermory: the perfect antidote to all that loveydovey cutie kitty stuff. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind our cat would kill us (well not my OH, whom she loves, but the rest of us, whom she does not, and most especially THE DOG).

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