Who benefits from the credit crunch?

Our dog. We don't have the heating on much here anyway, but even less so now. I am permanently buttoned into my ancient Barbour bodywarmer. And the dog, who is a warm sort of creature, is now allowed on the sofas so she can keep us warm. Not quite, "It's a little chilly, so I've put another dog on your bed," but I'm sure it won't be long.

Have had a stinking cold all week, and I'm now off to join dog on the sofa, drink hot chocolate and nurse my woes. Have a lovely weekend.


Bovey Belle said…
Pass the dog please. It's a trifle chilly in these parts too!

If you go to my blog, you will find there is a little something for you on there . . .
Unknown said…
I find that a double-cat blanket is very nice when in my favourite armchair. It has purrs, too :)

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