A bit of Ruby Ferguson news

There is now a Facebook Ruby Ferguson group for discussion of all things Jill. It's been started by John Rees, and it's here. (And thanks for the link, to Vanessa from Fidra. I whipped it off her blog having been totally incapable of working out how to find it after John rang me to ask if I minded if he linked to the website).

Eek - I might actually have to join Facebook now. I have held off until now because I've heard how addictive it is and I know what I'm like, but can I resist the appeal of Jill? I don't think I can.


Frances said…
Hi! Not sure if you know that I enjoy your blog and you make me wish I still had pony books on hand to read! Just wanted to say hello and to let you know I tagged you today - sorry if you're busy! Enjoy Facebook!
Take care,
Jane Badger said…
Frances - thanks! I've just had a look at your blog, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll add it to my list. Thanks for tagging me.
Frances said…
Hi Jane - thanks so much for taking a look and I'm really pleased that you liked it! The poll on your blog has worried me - I thought my parents still had my vast Enid Blyton delights (and I had some Jill books too because I was horse mad!), but I realised when I went to vote that I wasn't sure. So I need to find out and then return and vote!
Jane Badger said…
Frances - I hope your hunt was successful!

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