another posting from the far shores of equine weirdness, though I have to say despite the obvious continuity issues, I rather like this. I'd rather look at him than our Katie any day.

And I want those boots.


SusannaF said…

I'm really not sure what the pop-cultural implications of that might be.
Anonymous said…
That would be one of those dressage tests with only rising trot, canter transitions, and then a big jump at the end.
He gets points for a wearing a helmet though.
Bowleserised said…
Maybe it's the Prix Caprilli?
Gillian said…
Odd. And how many people dress in their best before going to groom their horse. Mind you, his was already groomed and immaculate anyway.

I'm tempted to think that it was actually him taking the jump, because he was on the horse's neck afterwards.
Jane Badger said…
Susanna - neither am I. Bearing in mind he's just been on Top Gear, the mind boggles.
Anonymous - and at least he didn't do a Katie Price with his riding clothes.
Bowleserised - could be!
Gillian - I think it was certainly him landing after a jump, but not THAT jump - whoever did that did it very well!
I hadn't seen the Grace video. Will Young and horses in the same film. How fabulous, thank you for that!!..I can just imagine my horses looking like that (not) as I retrieve them from the field.

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