The Labours of Matilda

We didn't have an egg yesterday from our super-reliable hen, Matilda. I think this is why:

She was saving herself for this epic effort on the left. In the middle is one of her normal eggs, and to the right is one of the bantam's.

Fortunately she seems none the worse for the experience, and shot out of the stable as enthusiastically as normal to tuck into the remains of son's lunch.



Gillian said…
I wonder if that's a double-yolked egg. Do let us know, please.

There's something so vintage pony book about keeping hens - it seems to be a realatively common feature.
Juxtabook said…
As offspingette was 10lb 2oz I can sympathise. But unlike your poor hen I had a c-section! I like Gillian's comment on keeping hens seems pony bookish. It makes me think of Jill with "Mummy's" hens when you mention them!
Jane Badger said…
I'm hoping it is a double yoker Gillian. She's done one before. I suppose at the time a lot of pony books were written, a lot of people did keep a few garden hens. It's only recently it's got fashionable again. Can't think, though, of a modern pony book where they keep hens.

Juxtabook - that was a big baby, and I don't think c-sections are exactly a walk in the park!
GeraniumCat said…
You might be amused to compare notes:
- ours was a double-yolker. They've settled down a bit since then, but one of the girls is so resolutely broody that drastic measures are called for.
Jane Badger said…
Thanks Geraniumcat! The shell on your egg is quite a thing. I wonder if that's because it was inside for longer?

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