A modern, caring parent

Is what I am not. After hours waiting for daughter's broken wrist to be assessed after the plaster came off and x-ray came back clear, "It hurts," she said, as the doctor gently felt her wrist. So, back in plaster for 2 weeks, which is going to be interesting for her dance exams, particularly the one this Saturday. Daughter rather taken aback by having her expressions of pain taken so seriously. Was just a little taken aback when I found myself muttering to her, as we were at last released to go and ransom the car, "Can't you lie next time?"

Spent much of my own childhood announcing firmly and with a perfect lack of truth that "NO, it did not hurt, and YES, I was fine," and then getting back on whatever bolshy pony had got rid of me. Besides battering my physical self, the falls obviously did serious damage to my sympathy bone. Must, must, must work on it. And doctors do know best. THEY DO.


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