Dog in a stream

You can tell the weather has perked up recently. The dog has taken to plunging into the stream again.

As far as we know, this is the first water she ever went into. When we got her, at the age of 15 months, she hadn't been walked for 6 months. We know she spent most of her early life in a yard. She first came across this stream when walking with my friend Dawn and her dogs. Truffle, a flatcoat, adores water, and plunged in. Holly quavered and quivered on the edge, torn between joining her friend and remaining safe on the bank. The decision was taken for her when she fell in.

She loved it, and has since developed a connoisseur's taste for the stagnant and stinking. It's lovely to see her enjoying labrador things, though as she doesn't have the labrador's double coat, we have to watch she doesn't get too cold. She is a puppy farm dog. The lack of coat is a big fault in the breed. I'd love to know how many of her litter mates had the same fault. And indeed how many of the ones that came after her did.


winnie said…
You might be interested to hear about a friend's dog, who was acquired by them through the Labrador Rescue Group. He too was a puppy farm dog and had terrible health problems in his early life. I don't know if he had the double coat or not I'm afraid.
Anyway, this dog was kept nicely slim and lived to the grand age of 13, which amazed everyone who'd known him in his youth. None of us ever thought he'd see ten!
He too loved stinky water...
Jane Badger said…
Winnie - one (just one) of the terrible things about puppy farms is their complete lack of care about who buys their dogs. Your friends obviously took a lot of trouble with their dog to get him over his problems. What a lucky boy!

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