Buy a Friend a Book Week

I hadn't heard of this before until I was reading Juxtabook's blog here (and hurry along now and put your name down for a book).

What an excellent idea, I thought, so went and looked it up. Do this, it says, and convince everyone you're a good thing: "Look at me, you'll be saying to your site's visitors, I am the sort of person who buys gifts for my friends for no good reason. Befriend me! Love me! Read me." Well. Hmmm.

I do like being read, I have to say, and I am extremely grateful that I am, but I am rather more wary of other forms of public exposure. I like being read, but would shake with terror at the idea of being on television (all those people watching) but don't mind the idea of being on radio (and will be at some point, about which more later). Anyway, I am drivelling off the point, so will get back on to it again. I would love to give away a few books, particularly ones I am a bit evangelical about myself, so here is what is on offer, free and gratis:

  • a sparkling, brand new printing of K M Peyton's The Team
  • Henry Wynmalen's Equitation: a pivotal work, and one that inspired the Pullein-Thompsons and
  • Barbara Willard's Flight of Wild Swans, which is a children's historical novel, and part of the excellent Mantlemass series, which I can't praise enough

Add yourself to the comments below, together with what book you'd like, and I will, provided there are enough claimants, do a draw on Monday 7th April. If only three of you comment, and you all want different books, then I won't.


Unknown said…
Ooh, tough choices, but I'd like to put myself forward to the copy of 'The Team' please.
Barbara Willard's Flight of Wild Swans sounds like the right book to gift to my 13 years old niece!

Do count me in!

My Own Little Reading Room
Unknown said…
Oooh the Team please!
haffyfan said…
Gosh, feel rather cheeky but would like to be considered for a shiny new copy of The Team (I am guessing it's the Fidra one?)

Old books are the best but you do sometimes miss that crispness of a new one.
Booklogged said…
I'd like to be considered for the children's book, Flight of Wild Swans. Thank-you for the opportunity and I hope you will drop by my blog in the next couple of days and enter for the drawing I'll be doing for BAFAB.
Jane Badger said…
Yes, The Team is the new Fidra one! Thanks everyone for your comments.
I am going to be different from everyone else and I would like to be counted for Wynmalen's Equitation (I probably mispelt that).
anne said…
Thanks for this lovely giveaway. It would be wonderful to read Equitation. Thanks so much.
ruth said…
Flight of Wild Swans would be delightful. Thanks for this chance. Love the giveaway.
Jane Badger said…
Having, ahem, forgotten all about this, I have now done the draw! And the winners are:

Equitation: Anne

The Team: Becca

Wild Swans: Booklogged

I hope you enjoy the books! I'll be in touch asap so you can send me your addresses.
Jane Badger said…
Ah. That didn't work! Becca and Anne, can you please send me your addresses? You can send to



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