Josephine Pullein-Thompson: interview

If you'd like to read more (in fact anything, as I haven't exactly said a lot) about my meeting with Josephine Pullein-Thompson, it is now on my website here.

JPT used to tell people who wrote to her about Pony Club Camp what happened to Noel and Henry afterwards, but if you weren't one of them, all is, as they say, revealed.


Ali said…
I very nearly didn't read the interview - I was too scared to find out the outcome of Noel and Henry!!! So glad I did though and I loved the whole interview so much - its hard to believe that you have actually met J P-T - that in itself is the stuff of dreams !!!! Alison
haffyfan said…
Excellent - many thanks.

I am very dissapointed you didn't persuade her to part with a copy of Mystery On The moor though!
Jane said…
Ali - yes, I do feel very lucky.

Haffy - I'm not sure if she even has a copy herself!

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