The Dark Side

Last week, we went to see I am Legend, the new Will Smith film. I was really looking forward to it: I like Will Smith (Men in Black) and I knew there were vampiry things in it, but I wasn't worried. For years, I have been a Buffy devotee, and vampires held no terrors for me, particularly not when they were Spike.

Oh how wrong I was. I am horribly susceptible to suggestion and atmosphere, and this film had it in loud and horrific spadefuls. Most of the film I spent with my fingers firmly in my ears, and my eyes tight shut. By the time the film ended I was a quivering wreck (my husband was, shall we say, also affected by the experience.) Horror films are something I gave up watching years ago, as I know I then dream, can't sleep, see horrors under every bush.... oh, if only I had known. Read a review at least. That would have helped.

But, unlike the Home Secretary, I do have to walk about in the dark. The poor dog has had some rather truncated walks, but by Tuesday I had started to sleep properly again, and so took her for a walk as the sun was setting. The dog and I held each other's paws, and we made it, all serene, though I did have a nasty moment when the dog pooh bin loomed up at me out of the gloom.


GeraniumCat said…
Oh, I do feel for you - I used to have to walk the dog in the dark and one night after watching the really scary Eugene Toombs (sp?) episode of the X Files we were ambling along when the dog suddenly stopped dead then bolted for home, leaving me to walk past the dark and cavernous barns all alone. Never did find out what spooked him but I was a jelly by the time I reached the back door!
Jane said…
geranium cat.... dark and cavernous...ooooh. Glad you made it back OK!
What about threading some garclic on to the dog's collar and round your neck?
Jane said…
Now there'a an idea. We had a very good garlic harvest last year and I still have tons left...

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