Ooh Ooh Ooh

Which makes me sound as if I am a refugee from that strange shampoo ad, but no. I'm deep in happy fanland, as I've been in touch with the great Caroline Akrill recently to ask her to contribute something about herself for the site, and she's just sent an excellent reply to the vast list of questions I asked. Now just have to get it onto the site....



I love the Eventer's Trilogy.

When they find out the big grey horse is really Genesis, it brings tears to my eyes!
Jane said…
Yes, isn't it great? I'm re-reading it at the moment (leading to silence at the breakfast table this morning as I scribble notes to myself - one thing I am going to ask CA is if she knew The Comet's origins from the first).
Vanessa said…
Another fan of the eventing trilogy here - must re-read sometime... Has she written anything recently and do you think you could persuade her to do some more eventing books?

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