The Girls

Here, especially for my nephews Ben and Sam, are the girls:

Left to right, they are Matilda, Mary, Mother Hen (what you can see of her) and Rose. Mary is the wariest of the bantams, and most prone to panic, but Rose is not far behind her. Despite their nerves, both bantams are quite oofy, and are further up the pecking order than either Matilda or Mother Hen. If it is cold when they are roosting at night, Rose feels her place is under Matilda's wing, whether Matilda likes it or not.

Mother Hen is the friendliest, and can be picked up with ease. If you sit down in their field, she will flap on to your shoulder. The bantams would sooner die than try this. Matilda is at the bottom of the pecking order, despite being the biggest, and is a hen of changeable mood. Sometimes she is friendly, and other times definitely not.

The hens are excellent layers; the bantams lay when they feel like it, which lately is not often. Rose went broody last week, but must have realised the terrible fate that lay ahead for her (incarceration in a metal cage I found ages ago in the barn and have had hanging round for years, waiting for a use) as she rapidly became unbroody. Just as well then that I did not follow my first enthusiastic plan, which was to hatch out some fertile eggs.


sally said…
Hi Jane, thanks for the piccies of the girls. Will duly position said nephews in front of screen and show them the egg producers! Ben will pay homage -he is the fastest eater of poached bantam egg on taost!!
Jane Badger said…
Has he eaten them all already???!!!

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