It's that time again.... the catalogue

Each and every time I do a catalogue (the new one's out tomorrow, on my website) a bit of technology gathers itself up and does battle. There was the time the entire website was corrupt (a time so dreadful, and producing such a state of frantic flurry in their mother that the whole family remembers it with awe); the printer has thrown numerous hissy fits; my aged version of Microsoft Word decided that there had been one Windows XP update too many and it would never load again..... but this time I thought I might just make it. I wasn't confident enough to think there wouldn't be any problems, but I did have just the faintest of hopes.

I wrote the catalogue on my trusty copy of OpenOffice (advert coming: this is a mostly excellent FREE alternative to Microsoft); managed, oh joy, to work out how to produce a brochure, found a printer to produce the things, loaded everything onto the web ready.... the camera threw a few fits, but I was ready for it and coped, but the labels. The address labels. I could only produce one page of the darn things at a time. I wrestled for hours, and quite frankly could have done the whole thing infinitely quicker by hand. When will I learn that sometimes, you just have to give in? Sometimes the technology has got your number, and there is no point fighting.


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